Royal-Canin-300x250px        Royal Canin Finland Oy

I have cooperated with Royal Canin since 2013. Royal Canin offers my dogs the best food on the market that helps support my dogs’ wellbeing and and provides them with high-quality, balanced food – for resting and training seasons.

Royal Canin is present in our everyday lives. My dogs love Royal Canin’s food and they eat it every day! Royal Canin’s food is the best the market has to offer, and their philosophy matches mine: the animals are always number one! Royal Canin is a vital to my hobby and my way of life. The support they bring is invaluable!

Helly_Hansen-300x250px        Helly Hansen

The cooperation with Helly Hansen started in 2014. Every training is like an expedition to Greenland – to have appropriate equipment is not just a recommendation but a necessity. Helly Hansen clothing has made sure that there’s no problem in training in harsh conditions.

Mikko Nurmela has always been there if any need for help arose, no matter the issue.
Helly Hansen is a high-quality brand that boasts a wide range of clothing, from which everyone can find just what they are looking for. When you have the right gear, bad weather is just an excuse.

nutrolinsportti-300x250px            Nutrolin Sportti

My dogs need nutritional oil regularly. Nutrolin has become an important part of our training because they support the dogs’ recovery and provide them with necessary nutrients. Nutrolin’s team is supportive as well as professional: additionally, they gladly take part in my competitions and other events. We use Nutrolin SPORTTI from the beginning to the end of the season. Nutrolin ensures the wellbeing of dogs.

Led-Lenser-300x250px            LED Lenser

Training and feeding the dogs often happen at a time during which there is a lack of natural light. LED Lenser makes sure, that the training that takes place during the darker hours is as safe as training during the day! Nordic Trail’s active and positive staff make sure that any potential problems are overcome. Even though the core of my hobby is adventure, safety still comes first.

joen-elainlaakariasema-300x250px       Joen Eläinlääkäriasema

Joen eläinlääkäriasema takes care of my dogs’ wellbeing. Jussi Hyvönen is a very talented and professional veterinary and he helps me in the most acute matters around the clock. Joen eläinlääkäri is a vital companion for my hobby. I thoroughly recommend!

Tovari Oy        Tovari Oy

If positivity could be portrayed as a company, I would portray it as Tovari. Joona and Jussi are stone-cold professionals of their field with a relaxed attitude. Tovari does the things I usually cannot when I’m dogsledding – like bringing the feel of the sport to others through social media and other sources. My website is also designed by the guys at Tovari. Toveri, Tovari, harasoo!